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​NEWS 2023

Lodge 716, Coleraine
Installation Communication

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Worshipful Master - W. Bro. Russell Hutchison

Lodge 716 held their Installation Communication on 7th March in Freemasons' Hall, Coleraine but it wasn't always held in March. Initially, their Installation was held on the first Tuesday in February every year up until the year 1962. In that particular year, there was a lot of snow fell during the day, and on the evening of their meeting Wor. Bro. James Connor was installed as Wor Master. When the formal ceremonies ended everyone set off to the Strand Hotel in Portstewart for the Installation Dinner. As the evening came to a close, and snow was still falling, Bro Conner and his party, who were returning home to Limavady, decided to take the coastal route, and when they reached Benone, their vehicle got marooned in a particularly large snow drift, meaning that the Brethren had to spend the rest of the night in their car. In the morning, they walked to the local train station and made their way back to Limavady.  Bro Connor ended up in bed for a couple of days, to recover from the rigors of his journey.  And in consequence, from 1963 onwards, Lodge 716 have held their installation meeting on the first Tuesday in March each year.

St. John's Lodge 196
Bishop Street, Londonderry


Presentation of 60 and 50 year certificates

At the Installation Communication of St. John's Lodge 196 on 13 February, Rt. Wor. Bro. Alan Maguire presented W. Bro. Albert Austin with his 60 Year certificate and bar and W. Bro. Wilson Manning with his 50 Year certificate and jewel.  

Heading 6

Albert Edward Lodge 235, Coleraine
Unique Installation

Albert Edward 235_edited.jpg

L to R 

W.Bro. Ryan Pollock, R.W.Bro Rodney McCurley Deputy Grand Master, W. Bro. Richard Pollok W.M., R.W. Bro. Raymond Robinson Orov, Grand Master and W.Bro. Raymond Pollock Father and Lodge Almoner.

At the Stated Communication on Saturday the 3rd January Bro. Richard Pollock was installed as Worshipful Master by his brother W.Bro. Ryan Pollock who, when in the chair himself in 2011, installed his father, W. Bro. Raymond Pollock in the chair. It is not unusual for a father to install  his son but for a son to install his father and then his brother would appear to be unique............unless someone knows otherwise.

Heading 6
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