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​NEWS 2023

Albert Edward Lodge 235, Coleraine
Unique Installation

Albert Edward 235_edited.jpg

L to R 

W.Bro. Ryan Pollock, R.W.Bro Rodney McCurley Deputy Grand Master, W. Bro. Richard Pollok W.M., R.W. Bro. Raymond Robinson Orov, Grand Master and W.Bro. Raymond Pollock Father and Lodge Almoner.

At the Stated Communication on Saturday the 16th December Bro. Richard Pollock was installed as Worshipful Master by his brother W.Bro. Ryan Pollock who, when in the chair himself in 2011, installed his father, W. Bro. Raymond Pollock in the chair. It is not unusual for a father to install  his son but for a son to install his father and then his brother would appear to be unique............unless someone knows otherwise.

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